A few weeks ago I started playing Paragon. Paragon is a MOBA game for the PC and PS4. In the past, I played a few MOBA games, including Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm, DOTA 2 and League of Legends. I played those games only for a few days and I just didn’t like playing these type of games. I don’t know what the exact reasons, maybe the progression system, the top-down view—I just got bored pretty fast. That being said, I really love to watch DOTA 2 tournaments, and I am a Na’Vi fan.

So why I am telling you all this? Well, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Paragon, but now this is one of my most favorite games, and I just can’t stop playing it.

So why now, why suddenly I start enjoying a MOBA game? First of all, let me start by saying that I played Paragon when it first came out for the PS4. I played it around a few minutes and stopped, didn’t like it. I didn’t touch the game since then. A few weeks ago I was in a dilemma. I didn’t have anything interesting to play. I’ve decided to give Paragon a shot because it was free and I thought that because it is in open beta, maybe Epic Games have improved it. Even then, I just didn’t have anything else that I wanted to play, so I said what the heck, let’s give it another shot.

I have to admit that for a newcomer like myself, the game was a bit complicated to get into. I didn’t understand what to do with all those cards, and I felt that I am missing an important part of the game. I was a bit lazy to be honest. I am used to play Overwatch, get in, shoot some stuff without thinking about anything too much (other than completing the simple objective). I have to admit that until now I didn’t spend time to make my own deck and I still play with the default one.

Anyways, I start playing a few games, just get to know the game. It was nice, I made tons of mistake, but it was fun. I wasn’t that excited about the match taking so long and I knew I am failing the group because I was a new player. It took a few more days and more games and something incredible happened. I start getting good in playing my characters of choice back then, which were Kallari and Grux. I start getting how important communication and tactics are in this game. It was the first time I was thinking for my own, switching lanes to surprise an invnrluable character, I came behind him and me and the other teammate took him down. I felt so good being able to pull that off. Days went buy, I start learning more tactics and I start winning more games instead of losing. Then another amazing thing happened. I’ve experienced some really epic games (lol, like the name of the developer of this game). Me and my teammates were about to lose, but we turnend out the game, I was pushing the left lane hard and were able to eliminate the enemy’s core and win the match. It was more fascinating than that, something that I just can’t describe in words. That feeling of winning against the odds and being able to pull off some great tactics to win a match—it’s was an amazing feeling. I can’t recall enjoying a win as much as I enjoyed in playing Paragon. I was hooked, obssesed, excited and addcited. I experienced that feeling many times after that when me and my teammates were able to win a hard match.

I am a first-person shooter fan, I love fast-paced shooters and I really thought that Paragon is just a boring game and all that farming is just a waste of time. It’s just better to jump straight to the action instead of wasting time on leveling up. Little I know that this game will turned my thinking upside down. In FPS games I really don’t get excited about winning a match. Each match is fast, and you win plenty of matches in couple of hours. If you win it’s great, and if you don’t nothing happened, you don’t feel a feeling of disappointment, I means I didn’t feel it, I believe some do. Killing an opponent is nothing special, I once killed 85 in a single match, OK, so what?

In Paragon when I kill an enemy I feel a great satisfaction, an achievement. I need to play smart in order to take down an enemy. It takes a lot of strategic thinking and experience, knowing the characters that you play against and learn the tactics players use with each character. Only then you start developing an understanding of how to dynamically adjust your gameplay to outsmart your enemies. Group play is essential. Although the game at its current state lacks voice party chat, I hope Epic Games will add it to the game soon.

Other things that I love about Paragin is the out-of-the-game progression system, the in-depth card system (although I’ve heard that Epic Games will rework the card system, so it will be more intuitive to use), the Master challanges for each hero, the loot and skin system. There are a wide variety of characters in this game, each one has its own unique abilities. Each characters makes each game a completely different experience. You know have a new role and and mastering it takes a lot of practice. As of the time of writing, I’ve already did a Mastery with Shinbi and now working on achieving it with Yin.

There things that I do hope that Epic Games will improve soon, including a better matchmaking system, so I can play with teammates with the same level as I am. I’ve read that there will be a competitive rank mode as well, which is great. I’ve also read that Epic Games plans to add a PvE and another PvP mode.

All I can say is that even if you don’t like MOBA games, I think that you whould give Paragon a try, you might fall in love with it just like me. Cheers.