Friends playing computer games on couch in the living room

I think that one of the best things about the Nintendo Switch is its local multiplayer feature. This allow players to play together whether using the Joy-Con controllers on the same device or over a TV set up to 8 devices together at the same time. Of course the game is supposed to support it, but the hardware is capable of delivering great MP experience. Of course there is always an option to play online.

When I saw the Nintendo Switch reveal advertisement, I knew that playing with friends will be a very important feature in the Switch. Just think a bout it for a moment. You take your Switch and go to a friend that also has it and you both can play together or one versus another. If your friend doesn’t have the Switch, you can still give him one controller and play games with him. If many of your friends have bought the Nintendo Switch, you can play up to 8 players together. I mean, this possibility is supported by the hardware. All we need is some great games taht will encourage us to do it.

Games like Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 can be played locally over WiFi. So this means that you can play with your friends even when there is not Internet connection nearby. When people compare the Nintendo Switch to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it seems they are forgetting about this feature. You shouldn’t take this lightly, once you play a local multiplayer game with a friend you’ll start comprehending how smart Nintendo was bringing this features to the Switch.

The 1-2-Switch game was designed to take advantage of the Joy-Con controllers so two people can play games together without even needing to watch the screen. 1-2-Switch is a great party game and it’s a great party game to play face-to-face against your friends.

One of the reasons I want the Switch is to be able to play with (or against) my brother, because he also going to buy the this console. I will be so amazing being able to play together when he comes to visit me. I think it’s important to keep that feature in mind. If you see yourself playing games locally with friends, the Switch is definitely the best console to pick up this year. All we have to hope for is that there are going to be many great local multiplayer games that we can all enjoy.