The only thing that can make Rainbow Six Siege stand out from the rest it if it’s capable of being a tactical shooter with less Arcady features.  The Heartbeat sensor gadget helps players to detect enemies through walls and floors.  Even if such gadget exist in reality, this shouldn’t be in the game, and if it will, it should be tweaked.

The whole fun of this game is to surprise your enemy and flank them from a place that they don’t expect you to come. To split the team and plan a careful strategic entry that will stun your opponent. By having a gadget like the heartbeat monitor, the element of surprise is lost. This gadget is available straight from the beginning, so it’s so easy for the team to know exactly where the enemy is coming, camp and kill them out. This is not what I call a fun gameplay, it’s good in an arcade-style FSP like Battlefield or COD, but it shouldn’t be in Rainbow Six.

Here’s a video that shows exactly what I mean. You can see the guy in the video continuously monitor the opponent team’s movement. You can see how easy it is just to be ready and beat the hack out of the other team if you know where they are.

So what can be done you ask? — well, I thought about several solutions. The first one is to make a unique mode that no such gadget it available and it should be more rewarding to the player who plays it. Second, reduce the detection range of the heartbeat sensor, so it can only detect the enemy if its like 1 meter away, so it’s useful mainly when you check if anyone is behind a wall or underneath you. Third, remove this gadget completely from the game, but I assume this won’t happen and forth, give the team a gadget that can disrupt the heartbeat sensor or significantly reduce its effectiveness.

I’m pretty sure that Ubisoft Montreal, the developer of this game, will come up with a solution based on the close alpha feedback. Let’s not forget that it’s still in alpha stage, so many things can still be tweaked.