Today team tried out the new Rainbow Six Siege closed alpha. From the first moment I immediately see that they put a good amount of effort  on destructibility, which seems very good in this game, and it should.

There is a very smaller drone that has a camera which you can use to take a look at areas without actually getting inside. The weapon selection menu looks pretty good but that can obviously change once the game is out, it’s just the alpha, not even beta.

In the game two team compete one versus the other. You have an arsenal of weapons and gadgets which you should take advantage off to minimize the amount of damage to the hostages and your team.  The map is obviously designed from the ground up to support your gadgets and employ different strategy. For example, in one part of the game a guy used a rope to climb up and laying through the window to shoot the enemy.  The windows seems like one of the most aggressive ways to get in and start shooting the enemy, and there are lots of windows.

Seeing how it plays it immediately reminded ‘Rescue’ mode. I find this mode on Battlefield pretty boring, and hopefully it won’t be the case in Rainbow Six Siege. In terms of graphics it’s probably not the best time to evaluate it because it’s still in alpha. That said, the graphics doesn’t look that polish and not something you expect from a late 2015 game. But as I said, this might be optimized and changed on release.

It seems that gadgets in Rainbow Six Siege will be the most important assets that you have to finish a match successfully. Hopefully the game will be designed to force people to use them, because if not, it would be like any other shooter. People will just force themselves in and hoot everyone they see.  The game should focus on strategy and careful planning, and hopefully it was designed to encourage players to do so.

I already reading the user comments and people already mentioning that the game got huge graphical downgrade. Other people were interested to know about the weapon’s recoil. This is important, because they want the weapons to be as close as possible to real life, so the game will feel more real to them, I can understand that. Right now it seems that the recoil i very low, but that obviously can be tweaked later on and I’m pretty sure it will.

In another round the team has to get into a hijacked airplane, which I have to be honest, it looks really cool. This is something that I didn’t see in other games, looks really challenging. I don’t know whether the airplane design is taken from a real plane, but I assume that it is. This again, will make the game feel more like a real-life hostage-rescue simulator than an arcade equivalent.

The Killcam looks quite boring, as well as the character model. I hope this will be improved in future builds.

Here’s a video by jackfrags playing in the closed alpha. It was more intense than watching the gamespot stream, so enjoy.

From what I’ve seen, it plays quite close to Batltefield Hardline in a way that once a player died, he’s dead and only those who are alive continue playing. I didn’t see anything that allows reviving dead teammates, and in my opinion it shouldn’t be available in such a game, in arcade FPS like Battlefield yes . but not in this game.

The rounds with the plan had 5 vs 5 match. It’s obviously important for each player to stay alive because it’s easy to overrun a smaller team. This actually remind me how it was like playing ‘Rescue’ in Battlefield Harldine. It was very slow paced, everyone were calculating every movement. So I don’t expect that anything can break the slow pace of the game.

The weapon models look good and resembles a realistic used weapon, which is how it should be. You want to feel like a veteran who is using a real weapon.

Like Battlefield Hardline, each match has a few rounds, each one has time limit.  In some rounds it seems that people were less strategic and just run for the kill, in other rounds players employ more careful planning before getting in. There isn’t any kind of radar in the game. This would certainly ruin such a game. You need to use various gadgets like a camera to know where the players are.

Killing another player is pretty fast, but not like in real-life, that one bullet can kill you. So it that Rainbow Six Siege has a good balance between a simulator and arcade, but a very strong emphasize on tactical CQC warfware.

There are quite a lot of weapons in the game, including among others: the L85A2 auto rifle, M45 pistol, FNP-9 pistol, Smith & Wesson Model 586, Heckler & Koch MP5A3 auto rifle, Heckler & Koch MP5K, Magpul FMG-9, FN P90, Mac-11, G36C and many others. Most of those weapons we’ve seen in Battlefield Hardline as well.

Update: there is an option to revive a teammate if he or she is not shot in the head. I think that this feature shouldn’t be left out or at least be part of a different mode. The video above by jackfrags emphasize some of the elements in the game that might break the game and make it less realistic and less tactical.

I’ll share with you more info when I finish watching the stream. BTW: the alpha ran on PC,

You can find gamespot stream on this page.