Fortnite is a game and I yet to play. I currently play another Epic Games title called Paragon. In fact, this is one of my most favorite games on the PS4. Epic Games know how to make great games. When I saw Fortnite and I’ve heard that Epic Games are behind it, I immediately showed my interest in it.

I am not a Minecraft fan

I’ve read that the game has crafting mechanics. I personally not a fan of games like Minecraft and I usually just want to focus on the action. Same goes to Paragon. I don’t even bother with cards, because this just complicate things and ruin the flow of the game, IMHO. That being said, I loved how they incorporated crafting into the game, making it convenient and accessible, even for gamers like me who just don’t to mass with this crafting thing..

When I saw some gameplay videso, the game immediately reminded me another game which I did play called Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, at least the co-op part of the game where you need to defend a garden from horde of zombies. I really like that part and found it very entertaining. I also like the PvZ GW visuals, and the Fortnite actually takes on the same cartoon-style design as that game.

I did wonder if the crafting mechanics is somewhat not needed. After all, you spend some time just scavenging materials and then start building your forte before the zombie wave comes. Having said that, without it it would just become a regular co-op zombie shooter, and I’ve already played games like this before. It’s certainly a refreshing take on the shooter and crafting game genres and this is something to applause Epic Games for. I always wanted to see innovative games that bring something new to the table. I had enough of all the same RPG and FPS games, they look different but just fill the same. This is why I didn’t rule out Fortnite when I’ve heard about the crafting system, it might be an interesting thing and I actually might enjoyed it alongside the FPS gameplay.

Superb Visuals

The visuals in Fortnite are amazing. This is exactly what I am looking for in games. I love the rich vivid colors, the superb particle effects, the smooth and funny animations, the great use of lighting and the quality of lighting, the user interface and the character’s design. I just couldn’t ask for anything better. I’ve heard that some gamers don’t like hot it look, but this is my personal taste, I just games that look like PvZ GW, Overwatch and Fortnite.

Some of the maps in Fortnite has some really impressive atmospheric feel for them. This type of map really helps to boost the emotional impact that you experience through the game. So no complains, only compliments when it comes to graphics.

Weapon Degradation

What I didn’t like about the game is weapon degradation.  I think the reason they did it is because the allow users to trade weapons, and they don’t want users who have received weapons for friends to have them forever. They want them to play and fight for those rare weapons and blueprints. That being said, I need to play he game first before I finalize my decision on the loot system. I do like the fact that there is a rarity system. I was really addicted to it in Destiny, and I’m sure I’ll get addicted to it in Fortnite.. oh boy.

Community, Game Updates  & Support

As I know Epic Games, they will continue to add tones of features and bring many updates on a very frequent basis. In my opinion Epic Games are the best when it comes to listening to the community. Just look at the game Paragon, they are releasing updates very frequently. As a gamer, I don’t mind taking part of the testing phase, because it’s really nice seeing things changing every few weeks. It’s like getting a free DLC very often. You also get the opportunity to influence how the game will turned out by submitting your own feedback, and trust me, Epic Games DO listen.

Fortnite, at least as I can see, must have many quests to keep players entertaining for a long time. I think Epic Games should do what Destiny did and bring a “Nightfall”-like missions, which is a very hard weekly mission that can grant you precious loot. They need to have daily bounties and lots of missions so players will never be left without something to do. I already see players getting very hardcore on this game, spending hundreds and even thousands of hours playing it.

The procedurally generated maps is a good way to makes things look and play different each time, at least to some degree, but we need more than this. I personally want more game modes, competitive multiplayer engagements and a social space where we can meat and interact with other players (e.g. Destiny tower).

I’m sure that Epic Games will do their best to make sure people won’t get bored from the game. The game is still in Early Access phase, so it’s still in development. In fact, it has been in development for quite some time now, I think about 6 years now, correct me if I am wrong. If Epic Games didn’t believe in this game, it would have been dropped along time ago. Seeing the Twitter feed and the new section, I have no doubt that Epic Games is going all-in with their new title. I do hope they will succeed and convince many players to join the Fortnite forces.


Fortnite supports micro-transactions. To be honest, I really don’t mind. I played games like Hearthstone that support Microtransactions and it didn’t stop me from enjoying the game without paying a dollar for it. I can understand that if you give a game for free, you have to monetize it in some way and this is probably the only proper way to do it, at least the a proven way. What I do hope is that it won’t turn into a 100% pay to win title so I’ll feel that if I don’t buy items I won’t be able to progress through the game alongside my friends, this will be a disaster.

I do hope that many of my friends will play the game. I am the only one among my many online friends who play Paragon, and it’s quite sad to be honest. I had the best time when I play with my closed online buddies and I do hope that once I get into Fortnite, some of my friends will play it as well.

Should I Buy into the Early Access?

So should I buy the early access now? Well, I am not sure yet. It’s quite expensive for a game that will eventually be free in 2018. That being said, I really want o play it and I am quite frustrated that the early access isn’t available for free on the PS4. I am still trying to make up my mind, I have no doubt that it’s going to be lots of fun playing the game.

What’s your opinion about the game?