There are tongs of positive things that I can say about Destiny (Played on PS4), but in this article I want to talk about the things that I dislike.

The first things that annoys me is that in order to progress and get experience, you do bounties that are almost exactly the same every week, and all force you to visit the same places over and over again. On the other hand, I don’t expect to have a different area for each bounty, but after you reach a higher level, you are kind of fed up doing it all over again each day of the week.

Destiny Crucible Control

Destiny Crucible Control play mode (e.g. Capture the flag)

Once you reach level 31/32, you probably won’t need to do many bounties anyways and focus on raids. You still can do crucible matches to upgrade your weapons though, which is more fun to do in my opinion and repeating the regular bounties all over again.

The other things that I dislike is when reaching level 31, you need radiant shards and level 36 complete gear, which most of it (except the exotic one) only drops in Crota’s End raid. This means that if you don’t get it with one character in that particular week, you’ll need to wait for the next week. This can obviously take some time. ¬†You’ll also nee those unique radiant shards to upgrade your armor, and those are dropped in Crota’s End raid as well. You do have the option to buy those at Eris for 500 glimmer, 1 radiant energy and 1 Black Wax Idol.

I personally wish that Bungie update the game, allowing level 30+ to get lvl36 gear from Vault of Glass raid, but that probably not going to happen.

The other things that annoys not just me but many other players is the random of the drops for both armor and especially weapons. In other words, you can play destiny for countless hours and still don’t get a specific weapon of choice. A friend of mine wants Ice Breaker sniper rifle, and he is playing Destiny for two moths and still didn’t get it. On the other hand, I am playing two weeks and I got it from a raid’s chest. Some people got it from finishing a crucible match, go figure.

I would have preferred to get a better chance for a specific type of weapon when playing more time with that specific type of weapon. It doesn’t matter if you play well or do nothing, you still get the same chance for a particular drop.

So repetitiveness is probably the main issue that I have with the game. There are other issues, but overall I am very happy with the game. This is exactly the game that I was hoping to play on my new PS4 console and I enjoy every moment of it.