According to an interview that was published in video today (Nov 18, 2014) on Ubisoft UK YouTube Channel with Stéphane Beley, the game director of The Crew, Ubisoft tweaked the car handing.

According to Stéphane. this was one of the purposes of the beta. That comes after many beta testers saying that they are very disappointed with the car handling and physics.  I personally was interested to know, why Ubisoft have decided to change it this time around — only because the community asked? And if so, why it was done only in the beta and not in previous alpha tests?

I haven’t played lots of racing cards in the past, but I trust the experienced players and the car racing game fans. If so many gamers report the same problem, this means that something is wrong. In fact, they weren’t whispering it, but shouting it out loud all over the social networks and game forums. So it was probably not a small issue, but something that prevented them from enjoying the game, needless to say buying it.

So although The Crew game received mixed opinions from the community, it’s great to see and hear that Ubisoft does something about it. It seems a bit late considering the games goes out on sale on December  2nd, which is four days from the date the interview was published on YouTube.  For some it might seem like the last chance to save the game from downfall.  Fixing those issues was something that should have been done long before the game is released, and even at the early stages of the beta.

The main question that still remains is whether the car racing fans that have been waiting for this title for so long will buy the game?

Just doing a basic search with “Ubisoft” and “The Crew” keywords reveal some negative articles that might cause people to think ten times before buying the game, and I didn’t even mentioned pre-ordering it. We arrive at times that games are afraid of buying games at day one, thinking that those large companies are “milking” them. They think that they hide the issues and are not telling the truth. Thy don’t want to buy the game just to find out that they bought a game that doesn’t work as expected and has many issues, bugs, etc.

I’ve read more negative opinions than positive, but it didn’t make discard the game completely. What’s the reason you want to know: because they aren’t any big AAA title releases every week. I bought a PS4 and I want to enjoy it. The problem is not in the hardware, but in the games. Believe it or not, it caused me to download Unity 3D and try to think about developing a game myself (a 2D one; 3D is too complicated).

Saying all that, it doesn’t mean that the game will be a failure. I think that if Ubisoft put so much effort into building this game, falling by making tweaking and server mistakes is something that I assume Ubisoft taking very seriously. Especially after may issues with previous games launches.

I am crossing my fingers that everything will go smoothly and the game won’t disappoint. I am happy that Ubisoft has released this Interview, and I will continue following their twitter and Facebook page for more updated information about the game.