I am always happy to here about new PlayStation exclusive titles. Now we have a brand new and original title called The Tomorrow Children. This new open-world sandbox adventure game was developed by Q-Games and will be published by Sony.

The game was already announced on Gamescom 2014. It looks like a very fun game. According to its developers, it combines various gameplay aspects from different game genres. The game gets new attention on the media because it will be released pretty soon.

I did find a 40 minutes gameplay video of The Tomorrow Children game, which will give you a better idea how it is like playing the game.

The game visuals look really interesting, very polished and unique.

But what I was interested to know most is what is the goals in this game? I was really hard for me to understand it when viewing the trailer and gameplay videos.

So after reading a bit. The idea is to salvage for materials (e.g. crystal, metal, coal, wood, etc.)¬†from the surrounding environment, contribute the resources to the city and get rewarded with ration coupons, which is the game’s currency. You use the ration coupons to buy new tools and weapons. For example, you can buy a Night Vision goggle that will help you see in the dark, a Comrade’s Jetpack to fly around, and much more.

The player gets total freedom to explore the world, whether building tunnels, fight monsters, or venture the world to find hidden treasures, it’s all up to you. When you progress in the game, the population of your city increases, and you’ll have more to do to sustain it. There’ll be many other players on the server with you which you can communicate with.

The game also as its own economy system and and even a black-market where you can buy items that you won’t usually find¬†in the market in town.

You level up your rank and improve your character skilled (e.g. works speed, attack, agility, vitality, renown, etc.) based on your contribution to the city. The game looks like it was highly inspired by Mincraft, but the develop said that it’s not Mincraft.

I’ll certainly be looking to more information about this game. It really looks like a good PS4 exclusive to buy in 2015.

BTW: people asking whether The Tomorrow Children is PS4 exclusive first, or whether it will only be released to PS4 and not any other console (e.g. Xbox One). I think that if the publisher is Sony Computer Entertainment, it will be only available for PS4 and not any other platforms. I’ll update you when I have more information.