Buying Nintendo SwitchI am a PS4 player and before I bought my console, I really wanted to buy the Nintendo Wii U because I love the original and exclusive titles that Nintendo releases.  For me Nintendo games were always fun, colorful and full of joy and reminded me some of the many games that I used to play when I was a child.

When Nintendo announced the Switch, I told myself that this time I won’t skip it. The reason I didn’t buy the Wii U is because it wasn’t available in my country. This time I intend to import it, I don’t care. So why I am so excited about  the Switch? Well, there are various reasons, but mostly because of the games like Zelda and ARMS, and I really love the fact that I could sit down on my bed playing games instead of sitting near my table in front of my 23″ display playing PS4 games.

After three years of owning a PS4 and playing tons of game, I have to admit that many of those games weren’t particularly exciting. One of my favorite games from the childhood was Wonderboy. Although I probably won’t enjoy playing a simple platform game now, I loved the RPG elements of it, being able to find loot, upgrade my items and fight other creatures. So Zelda Breath Of The Wild is exactly the game that I know I’ll love. I’ve seen many gameplay videos of it and I loved it from the first video.

It’s kind of weird you know, because I usually thought that buying a console for a relatively limited amount of games with limited 3rd party support is a bad idea, but now I understand how can game can sell a console. If you want to play a specific game so much, you probably will buy the console to play it.  Not buying the console means that you won’t play it, and I personally really want to play this open-world RPG game, I don’t want to miss it.

I can afford buying it, but if I wouldn’t have the budget or it was a bit too expensive, I probably might delayed it a bit and save money to buy it, buy definitely not skipping it. I never played a Zelda game before, but I know why people are so excited about this game. Games like Super Smash Bros. and Monster Hunter for Nintendo 3DS really caught my eyes when I browsed through some of the Nintendo 3DS titles. These type of games don’t exist on the Ps4 and I wish they were. Years I’ve waited, but nothing. I’ve learned a lesson, those type of games that I see on the Nintendo consoles that I really love, aren’t available and won’t be available. The target audience that developers are aiming for probably isn’t interested in those type of games, whether those who buy the Nintendo Switch do.

I think that this is the main reason why there are still so many Nintendo fans out there, even after the Wii U flop. People are optimistic, and want to believe that this time around the Nintendo Switch will be different. I think it’s wise of Nintendo opening a new chapter, but it’s really up to them to deliver the good and show gamers that they are serious in delivering great titles for the Switch, including some good exclusives.

As for now, the variety of games aren’t great. I asked myself an important question today: “How long will I be interested in playing a game like Zelda?”. Usually RPG games don’t have a high replay value, you finish the game and move on to the next.It might take like maybe a few weeks to finish it and then what? I am also worried about DLC offering, because there is a limited storage and I don’t think that a DLC won’t fit into the built-in storage. So if a DLC comes, would I have to buy a memory card for that. I still have some open questions that I didn’t get answers to.

I think that Nintendo should have many competitive and cooperative online games that have high replay value. ARMS is a great example of such a game, where you can fight against other people in 1-vs-1 arena battles using your fists. It’s an amazing looking game that I think will last for a long time will offer games hundreds of hours of fun time if they are into this game. They need to add a competitive mode, ranking, cosmetic loot and other stuff so users will want to continue improve in the game.

I was disappointed with a few hings, like with the fact that the battery life isn’t that great, with the high price of the accessories, the fact that the console doesn’t come with bundled game and the lack of integrated built-in voice party chat functionality (you need an app for it).

so it’s not that the Nintendo Switch lack of any disadvantages, any console have ones, but the Nintendo Switch, at least for me, opens up a new magical world of gaming opportunities, allows me to experience games that I just wouldn’t find anywhere else. If it wasn’t for those games, I wouldn’t have bought it. Nintendo is the only company in the world that was able to revive my childhood memories and make me enjoy being a child all over again when I play its games. I love the cartoon style art design in games, I love the vivid colors and joyful that those games bring. When I see (hopefully play soon) Nintendo games it’s like jumping into a vivid magical world, a place where I can forget about the problems in the world and wrap myself with an amazing sense of happiness and joy.

This is why for me, the technical aspects of the console are irrelevant in some degree. I don’t really care about having top-notch graphics. I’ve played many games with top-notch graphics and stopped playing them after an hour or so. It’s all about the gameplay. I know that the cartoonish visuals are less demanding from the GPU, but I love them regardless. It’s not that I love everything about this new console, but I know that once I put the game cartridge in, I am on to a big adventure.

I’ll be getting the Nintendo Switch when it comes out – would you get it as well?