I’ve spent many hours just watching some gameplay of the upcoming multiplayer game, For Honor. I really want to get this game because I love multiplayer games and it looks really unique. My main problem is that I don’t know really what to expect from this game. I really need to try it myself in order to get the feel of the game.

I’ve signed up for the close beta, but I think that Ubisoft really need to open this beta for everyone, so players can see how this game is played. I have a feeling that by failing to do so, many players will just skip it. There are some good games coming out next month, including Nioh, so it’s not that For Honor doesn’t have competition. ¬†Furthermore, Ubisoft doesn’t have any experience in developing this type of fighting games like For Honor, so you can understand why I have some worries.

It’s really an original title and the reason I considered buying this game ¬†because it’s looks like nothing that I’ve played before. I really quite fed up with first-person shooters on my PS4 and want something different to play.

I hope that I’ll get the change to play in the close beta starting January 26th ¬†until the 29th. For more information about the close beta, visit the official ubisoft.com website.