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Evolve is an upcoming cooperative/competitive shooter, which is supposed to be released on February 10, 2015.  The game has been delayed from its initial release date on October 21, 2014.  Developed by Turtle Rock  Studios and published by 2K Games, the game is supposed to be released to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Evolve certainly got the attention of the media for its unique and original gameplay, where four hunter players try to kill a single monster, which is also controlled by a single player. The 4-vs-1 shooter is unique in the shooter’s arena and the gamer’s community welcomed it with open hands and high expectations.

Lets admit it, we all want to play original games, and when it comes to shooters, it seems they are all pretty much alike. Destiny is a unique shooter game that I really enjoyed and still enjoy playing, and my high hopes is that Evolve will offer something different to shooter game fans.

Evolve Game Modes & Classes

On the surface, evolve is not a complicated game, with a big in-depth story behind it . It’s focused entirely on the Multiplayer aspect. There are four game modes available in Evolve: Hunt, Nest, Rescue and Defend.

I personally was expecting more modes considering that it’s a solely arena-like shooter game, but if those are well-made, it probably should be suffice for the initial release and interesting to the user to play, until the DLC is released.

In the Hunt game mode, the four hunters much locate the monster and kill it before it destroys the power relay.

In Nest  game mode, the players who plays the monster must protect six eggs which are located in various areas on the map. After 10 minutes those eggs will hatch and from those eggs minions will spawn to help the monster to kill the hunters. The goal of the hunters is to destroy those eggs as fast as possible, and if minions spawn from on of the eggs, kills those as well. Nest game mode has a time limit, which means that the hunters should work quickly to complete their missions.

In the Rescue game mode, the hunters need to protect and revive, if necessary, colonists that are trying to run away from the monster. Like in the Nest game mode and the eggs, those are places randomly on the map, so both the monster and the hunter need to locate them quickly. The monster needs to kill the colonists and the hunters need to help them get away. The goal for the monster is to kill five colonists and the mission for the hunter is to save five colonists in order to win the match.

The last mode that was added was Evacuation. In Evacuation game mode, the players play through a series of five matches, all maps and game modes. If one side loses a match, this has a direct impact on the upcoming match. This should be a high impact on the advantage that the winning team has over the losers, and this means that losing shouldn’t be taken lightly and it’s crucial for each side to play its best in order to gain an advantage over its opponent.

Here’s a video by GhostRobo showing a gameplay walkthrough playing as a monster.

The thing that I like about Evolve is the classes for the monsters. There isn’t just one monster. The player who plays as the monster can choose between three monsters types: Kraken, Wraith and Goliath.

In the video above, Ghostrobo plays as Goliath.This monster has four abilities: Fire Breath, Leap Smash, Rock Throw and Charge.

Goliath monster, evolve

Goliath monster

Kraken monster has four abilities as well: Lighting Strike, Banshee Mines, Aftershock and Vrotex.

Kraken Monster, evolve

Kraken Monster


The Wraith monster was the last one added. It’s a stealthy assassin type of monster. It has much less health and armor than the other monsters, but it’s more agile — like the thief or hunter class in RPG games.


Each ability of each monster forces you to lay out different gameplay strategies in order to defeat the hunters.

The Hunters are not left behind. As a hunter, you have the option to between four hunter classes: Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support — each one with its own unique abilities and mechanics.

Each of those classes has three different characters which you can choose from, which brings a bit more depth to the character’s selection.

Why I Want To Buy Evolve?

Turtle Rock, the company who developed “Left 4 Dead”, has been developing this game for three years.  This is one reasons that the expectations from this game are high. Left 4 Dead was their first cooperative first-person shooter game, and won many awards and high-ranking in many leading game review websites.

Evolve will cost $59.99 USD when pre-ordered, $79.99 for the Digital Deluxe (inc. Evolve Hunting Season Pass, Evolve Monster Expansion Pack and a giftable copy of Left 4 Dead) and $99.99 for the PC Monster Race (inc. all of the digital deluxe items, including fifth playable monster, two addition hunters and four monster skins) — this is from Steam, as for the PC release. The PS4 and Xbox One version is priced $59.99 on

The initial price seems a bit high for a solely arena multiplayer game type. New monsters and hunters will be added in the DLC. Some gamers complained about companies releasing incomplete games and cut their offering in order to charge more money later for a DLC. This DLC should be part of the full initial release of the game.

I tend to agree with those who clearly see that game publishers prefer to cut down on the game content in order for the players to justify the cost of paying for the DLC. It might be worth it, but players want full games, not cut in half in order to enjoy a full game later on.

The business aspect of the game might look dirty for many, but it doesn’t take away from what Evolve game is. Having said that, in three years of development time, I expected to see like 10 monsters at least and even more hunter classes.

All said and done, Evolve is certainly going to be a different game. A shooter that brings something else to console and PC shooter fans.

The game is more intimate and personal in terms of gameplay and overall experience. Furthermore, every player in the team counts and each player has to do his job in order for the team to win.

The player who plays the monster is on its own. This means that he or she has can only rely on their skill and experience in order to win the Battle. No doubt that winning with the monster versus four other players fills different from playing with a group, and I think that the satisfaction is even better, knowing that you solely was able to take down a team of four.

I kept an eye on Evolve Facebook page and YouTube channel. They are less active than some of the big AAA shooters, but there is an increase interest in the game the more we come close to its release date.

I really liked seeing all the great videos posted on the EvolveGame YouTube channel, explaining every part of the game, including tutorials, trailers and gameplay videos. There are also Livestream recordings and many videos were translated to various languages.

All this brings up the hype and the my excitement towards the game. I’ve read many opinions about it, some people found it boring, others just love it. If you just type “Evolve boring” in Google you can see some of those reactions.

I’ll buy Evolve because of its unique gameplay and the fact that I love games that throws you straight to the action. This fits many gamers who are busy during the day and just want to log in and do several matches, that without any in-depth character progression (you do have perks and character/item progression system) that will make them feel way beyond the others and overpowered by other players.

This is true to many 3rd person shooters like Battlefield and COD. That said, I am actually bored playing the classic shooters and looking for something different to play on my new shiny PlayStation 4 console.

By the way, you do have the option to play with less than four players and the game will put AI characters to fill in the gap. So even if you don’t have friends to play with you, the single-player alone as the monster or hunter, and the others will occupied by AI characters.

All in all, although for me $60 for this game sounds like a bit much, I will buy it to experience something different. I think it will be well worth it, but we don’t know for sure until we play it ourselves. You can pre-order it or buy it after reading some reviews and user opinions. I will probably buy it on day-one because many of my friends are going to buy it, so I think it will be amazing to play with them together.

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