As a new player to Mortal Kombat X I was wondering which MKX characters the pros prefer to play with. I asked this question in a popular Mortal Kombat forum. One guy who is known to be in the professional ring told me that he was leaning towards: Kung Lao, Raiden, Sonya, Takeda or Liu Kang. Hs also stated his reason to do so, saying that those characters are capable of making unsafe strings sage. They have the option to attack the opponents anytime they want.

That said, many players that I asked, some are not professional players, told me that they aren’t sure yet. Indeed, as of the time of writing the game hasn’t been out yet. Players need to get their hands on those characters, practice and learn which one fits best to their playstyle.

I actually made my own favorite MKX character’s list after watching gameplay and trailer videos on YouTube. I made my chose based on the character moves and looks, not by any mean with any knowledge how they were in MK9.  I’ve chosen Ermac, Kitana, Quan Chi, Takeda, Erron Black and Kenshi. So the ones that fits what one of the pros told is only Tekada. I also considered Sonya (Convert Ops variation) and I really liked Kitana as Assassin, probably one of my favorite right now.

It seems like many players liked Tekada. I personally liked his long-range attacks with his bladed whips, which seems useful for beginners.  See the Takashi Takeda Varitions breakdown video below.

As you can se, this is a very cool character and seems really deadly at long-range.  Playing this character seems to force your opponent to play close than stay at the back. That said, some characters has projectiles that might make it harder for you to spam those whips.

Professional players seem to prefer playing with the character that will give them an advantage later on the game, instead of play with the coolest looking character or the one that might be more convenient to learn.  There are some characters that has a higher learning curve, and although they can give you quite a headache when just staring out, they are more rewarding later on. So some experienced Mortal Kombat players told me to start playing with the characters that I like their playstyle. This way I’ll get more motivated to play and enjoy the game better. Once you practice with them, you’ll see whether you like to play with those characters or not and whether to switch.

They also told me to specialized in 1 or 2 characters at most. Indeed, Mortal Kombat has lots of moves, combos, X-Ray moves, Brutalities and Fatalities. Even more than that, each character has three variations. It’s hard to master all of the variations, especially considering that you also need to learn about the other character’s movements in order to know how to block them. It takes lots of time and practice.

You might find out that your favorite character isn’t that good compared to some other characters. Some characters will certainly do better against certain characters, this is why some players prefer to master 3 or 4 characters in order to be able to switch between matches if they lose a lot. I’ve seen this in EVO 2014 MK tournament, where one guy saw that he wasn’t able to beat his opponent, he switched to another character instead.

So there isn’t a definite answer, and they won’t be. Each player has his own reasons to choose his main characters. I think that after some time, we’ll be able to see which characters are favored the most by professional MK players. Right now, just pick the one that you like the most and practice with it, you can always change to another character any time you choose.