Today I’ve ordered Battlefield 4 Premium Edition on my PS4. I already bought it on the PC when it first came out, but stopped playing it because of all the issues it had.  I  waited until E3 2015 in order to decide whether to buy it or not.

Battlefield is one of my favorite games of all times. I am a big fan of the series since Battlefield 2. I’ve spent more than 1000 hours on BF3. I enjoyed it so much more than any other game that I played. It’s the combination of good mechanics, excellent maps design, big battles, 64-player multiplayer, gun selection and game modes that made this game so enjoyable.

I was really disappointed after playing Battlefield 4 for the first time. After a few months I’ve decided to buy a PS4, because my gaming computer, which is a laptop just couldn’t run games in good frame rates. I played Battlefield 3 in about 25 fps, and I didn’t want to spent more money on a gaming laptop. I’ve decided that a PS4 would be a good investment. I liked the fact that I wouldn’t have to worry about low frame rate, I can play with a controller natively, have a built-in voice chat app and the price was just right.

So why I’ve decided to buy Battlefield 4 now in 2015? Well, first of all, most of the issues with the game were patched and fixed. Second, I can buy it at a discount price with all the DLCs included. Third, I didn’t see any other multiplayer FPS in the store that I want to play, nor I intend to buy COD Black Ops 3 or Star Wars Battlefront. I wasn’t thrilled with what I’ve seen in E3. Furthermore, if I buy one of those games, it will only be in a few months, so I wanted to play something now, instead of waiting and waiting until a new good FPS comes out. Another reason was because of Metro map. Oh boy I love this map. I think that I’ve spent 90% of the time in this map when I played Battlefield 3. I’m sure that I’m going to enjoy the updated one on BF4. The last reason was because one of my best online friends bought is as well, so I can play with him together. Many of our friends also have this game, so it suppose to be a blast to play with them together.

Now that I know that Battlefield 5 isn’t on the horizon, I’ve decided to buy Battlefield 4, and I know that I am going to enjoy this game a lot.I’m kind of late to the party, but I think it’s the best time to buy this game. I did check how many players are playing BF4 concurrently, and there is nothing to worry about having empty servers anytime soon. I’m sure BF4 will give me a few months of intense and fun moments until new games come out. Most of the games that I want to buy will be released in 2016, not even in 2015.

So I recommend to anyone who love Battlefield franchise and has a PS4, to consider buying this game. It will be well worth your time and money.