My brother flew to the US a few days ago and he wanted to buy the New Nintendo 3DS XL. I told him that it’s better to way for the upcoming Nintendo Switch. I think that the Nintendo Switch is going to be a huge hit, not just among Nintendo fans, but also among PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers. The Nintendo Switch device is brings something new to the table, a hybrid gaming system which you can use to play on a regular display or snap it out from the its stand and use it like a tablet.

The main reason to get the Nintendo Switch is its original and exclusive titles. It’s always been that way for Nintendo and what kept it alive alongside more powerful console like the PS4 and Xbox One. To be honest, I am playing on the PlayStation 4 at the moment. I’ve bought countless games, but after some time, I start getting bored with playing the same type of games. The games that I really enjoy playing even as a child are only available for the Wii U and 3DS.  I wanted to play a Brawler on the PS4, but can’t find any, I wanted to play an old school RPG game, nada on the PS4.  You probably want to know why I haven’t bought a Wii U, well it’s because it wasn’t available in my country so I bought the PS4 instead. Nintendo is all about great games and I think this is the main reason many people buy a Nintendo console, because games are really fun. When developer develop games for the 3DS and Wii U, they have to really be original and come up with something really unique in order to be competitive. You just can’t come up with a good looking game and expect gamers to swallow it up, won’t happen.

Being able to play a game like you do with a table is an amazing experience. My main problem with playing games on tablets is that it’s really uncomfortable to play with touch gestures. This is because the touch is inconsistent, and sometimes my hands are dry and it doesn’t swipe well on the screen, and really don’t like the game being obscured by my hands when I’m playing. Furthermore, mobile games for iOS and Android are full of ads, promotions and microtransactions. I understand that for developers to reach a broad audience, they have to give the app for free and rely on in-game purchases to return their investment and become profitable. This is because there are millions of apps, and you have no other choice. This ruin the whole fun in gaming and why I just don’t play mobile games any more.

With the Nintendo Switch, you can still play game like on a tablet, but the games don’t suffer fro the same issue as Android and iOS games. When you buy a game, it’s the same as with consoles, you own it and you won’t see any ads or other annoying ads. You can still enjoy playing games outdoors, on your bed, at your friend’s house — all that without relying on an external monitor or an electricity outlet. The mobility is an essential feature in the next-gen gaming consoles. Sony has the PSP and Vita, but those aren’t hybrid. A game that runs on the PS4 doesn’t necessarily run on the Vita and vice versa. These are different machines, whether the Nintendo Switch can run the same game on an external monitor or untethered – it’s the same device and developers only need to target a single device, not two.

This also means that developers can focus solely on targeting a single device, which means that their main focus, effort and money will be used for a single game. You can therefore expect those exclusive games to really look and play amazing and have a lot of features and content.

The detachable physical controllers is an ingenuous idea. I love playing with a physical controller, much better than keyboard and mouse and certainly much better than with a touchscreen. I don’t enjoy seeing my finger prints smearing on the screen and my hands get really tired after playing a few minutes of a fast-paced action game on my Android tablet. This is not what mobile gaming was meant to be and Nintendo Switch designed to make use of the advantages of stationary consoles but at the same time offer the convenience and ergonomics of a tablet device.

I’ll be getting the Nintendo Switch the moment it’s out. I think Nintendo really understand what the market needs and I’m sure that its upcoming new console can easily compete against the other dominant consoles.