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So why Nintendo opted not to include a party chat (voice chat) app in the Switch and went with an external mobile app?  Well, I thought about some reasons why:

  • Using on-board voice chat app can eat a lot of the battery
  • Nintendo want the Switch to be child-friendly without parents needing to deal with Parental control apps. So children can play straight out of the box.
  • Maybe the app have the option to connect to all your friends from the contact list and social connection of the social networks that are already on your phone – easier to spread the buzz among friends (=more sales)

Let’s put it this way, there is no excuse that in 2017, a mobile device, especially a gaming device that supports online multiplayer games won’t have an app for voice chat built-in. Even if one or more of the above apply, still give the user a choice, don’t decide for him.

I think it’s related to the battery life. I think that the battery performance isn’t great even without it, so Nintendo probably don’t want people complaining about bad battery life once the console is out. Maybe they will add this feature later on in a new firmware update. It might be better for them to not introduce it at launch. Let the launch go smooth, get some good reviews, and then introduce this feature.

Here is a great video by ‘The Know’ that talk about this exact “issue” and they bring out some really good points, worth watching.

What do you guys think about needing a smartphone to communicate with voice, instead of having it built-in the Switch by default? Why do you think Nintendo didn’t add this feature in the Switch?