Ubisoft put an embargo on early reviews surrounding its The Crew game coming for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. From what I could understand, Ubisoft don’t want for game reviewers to review the game prior to its release. In some way I can understand that, as this is a MMO-type racing game, and it strives its full potential when many people are populating the online open world. Without it, it would look like a half-baked game.

On the other hand, some gamers tend to believe that Ubisoft fears that many game reviews will  be negative, and it doesn’t want that to affect the game sells when it is releases on December 2nd next month. I think that this embargo or whatever you want to call it, lead to many negative reactions that spread fairly fast. Almost every gaming-related website published a post about it. Most of these post have many comments with gamers showing their dissatisfaction with Ubisoft decision to not letting reviewers to publish reviews before the game “The Crew” launches.

In fact, for me it doesn’t matter if you call it review, preview or whatever, I can understand that gamers want to know ahead of time how good the game is before buying it. Yes, it can certainly hurt sales, but not everyone can afford buying a game just to find out that they don’t like it and ditch it. Of course there is the other option: you can buy the game after it launches and after you read some reviews covering it. This is an option that is always available for you, you don’t have to pre-order the game if you feel that it might disappoint you and there might be issues with it once it launches.

Some gamers want to be the first to hold the wheel and get an advantage over other players. Especially if you are a hardcore racing game fan and have been waiting for an AAA racing title for quite sometime. It also feels great to play a newly released game at day-1.

Before we continue, here’s a 101 trailer of The Crew released five days ago.

I don’t know about you, but this The Crew game trailer is convincing me to get the game ASAP. When playing from home on my couch, nothing seems better to me than driving in an open-world game.

I also wanted to buy this game for my PS4 (which should arrive today). I think that a cooperative MMO-style racing game can be fun to play on a console, and I wanted to try something different after spending lots of hours playing shooters. The Crew seems like a good choice for that. I thought about buying it on December 2nd when it launches, but now I am not sure.

I’ve read many comments of people who were playing the beta, and some of the opinions are not that encouraging.  I can understand the gamer’s frustration with how Ubisoft handles its PR with this game. In one hand I can understand that, but on the other hand you are left with some open questions and thoughts. I will probably feel really bad buying this game on the first day and at that same day read some very negative reviews, thinking to myself that I made a terrible mistake buying this game without waiting for the reviews. Of course I’ll have the chance to try it myself and see if this was all just bells and whistles or there is something real about all those negative opinions that beta testers reported.

When you hear the word “beta”, you know that the developers won’t make significant changes to the game, and it’s at its final state. So you might ask yourself whether those issues that many players reported can be fixed. I assume that optimization can always be made and will be made in future updates. That said, the things that people report seems like they should have been solves in the alpha stage and not even reach the beta.

Having said all that, The Crew is still is a very anticipated game and I have a feeling that it will sell well. I really do hope that this game will be good first, and it will be popular so we can all enjoy a good cross-platform open-world racing game. I personally will wait a day or two after release to read early reviews. I do hope that the real reason is exactly as Ubisoft said, because it wants reviewers to taste the full experience of the game when it launches.